Private and secure internet access

Filtering out Google, Facebook and other trackers on all your devices? Easy as pie with Gardion VPN.
A quick intro to the ultimate privacvy tool.

A quick intro to Gardion

Currently the product and henceforth the website is available only in German. Once the product is launched (in autumn) we will go full-tilt English as well. Please bear with us and check us out.


My internet!

Facebook is breathing down your neck? Your Xiaomi mobile is spying on you? Your app is reporting where you go and which flight you take? Not anymore. Gardion is a filtering VPN with the sole purpose to keep you safe and your data private.Gardion is your internet „invisibility cloak“.


Anytime, anywhere

Gardion works on all devices, anywhere; be it your smartphone (iOS, Android), your tablet or your laptop. Being geeks we made sure that BSD, Linux and other open systems can interface as well. The only requirement: Support for IPSEC or Wireguard. It works at home, while travelling, via WIFI and mobile network.


Trust, instead of Panama

The other VPN providers reside in Panama, Romania or the Netherlands Antilles. With Gardion you are on the safe side: When you want to work in a strong and trustworthy jurisdiction Germany is your choice. Our headquarter is in Freiburg/Germany and our servers are in Germany as well. No AWS, no Google cloud.

A lot more than a common-garden VPN

Besides encrypting your network traffic Gardion does a lot more for you. It provides real privacy by filtering network traffic according to your needs. Easy as that - you decide what goes on in your internet!


Secure VPN

Using WIFI and cell-networks without risk. By using the established and highly secure IPsec/IKEv2 protocol nobody peeks at your traffic. It's governments protocol of choice.


Online autonomy

Malware, Phishing sites, ad trackers, Google, Facebook? You choose what to block, with a single click. We are providing you with the same tools big corporates use to secure their employees.


Individual blocking

We are planning to provide business customers with very granular filtering, exactly according to your needs. It's not choose from filterset 1-10 but a bespoke filterset for e.g. tax advisors.


Transparency and trust

You can trust us: We are a team of nerds deeply caring for privacy and security. But you don't have to trust us, because we operate Gardion in one of the most advanced privacy regulations worldwide: Germany.


Works anywhere, anytime

Maximum privacy on all your devices, wherevery you go. Be it at home or abroad, be it from your tablet or your laptop.Gardion VPN protects you everywhere.


Independent at all costs

We are not in it for the money. We are aiming at earning a living, but we don't want to sell out to Kape Technologies or others. We really like our independence.


Gardion: Online relaxation

Starting at 6,66666667 €/month you can support Gardion and surf the internet in privacy. Check out the campaign page (which is unfortunately in German). For obvious reasons we hesitate to recommend Google Translate, check out DeepL, they provide magnificent translations as well.

And, please, get in touch, we really would like to hear from you, especially in English ;)